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Women in Global Health Seattle - Q3 Gathering - DCS - Shared screen with speaker view
Guy Arsene Obrou
Many thx for warning people to quickly take their seats since we’ve being waiting for so long and are also following the event from different time zones..
Claire Gwayi-Chore (WGH Co-Chair)
Hi everyone, this is Claire one of the co-Chairs of WGH Seattle. If you would like to see the speakers on full screen, please click on “View” in the top right side of your Zoom and click on “Speaker”. We are working to rectify things - thanks for your patience!
Zainab Alidina
There is no one else in my breakout room (room 4)
Calum Redmayne
Zainab I have moved you to room 2
Julia Ragsdale
For our virtual participants - feel free to share your questions in the chat and I will read them to our speakers!