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mRNA Vaccine Technologies for Global Health - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Powell
Please see agenda posted here: https://www.technet-21.org/en/library/main/7322-mrna-vaccine-technologies-for-global-health-14-oct-2021---agenda
Peter Dull
did we get his on the side?
Peter Dull
(his slides?0
David Vaughn
We will give up on Martin’s slides.
Dane Ichimura (Atos)
Hi folks, just a reminder: please use the Q/A function to submit and questions you have for our presenters. Thank you!
Vivian Hsu
noting that other panelists on this "backstage" link may not be able to enter questions in the Q&A button. feel free to put into this "hosts and panelists" chat. I will keep an eye here as well.
Peter Dull
Good question from Alain to Martin for when he comes back from his interview.
Laura Powell
Martin Friede's slides are posted here: https://www.technet-21.org/media/com_resources/trl/7343/multi_upload/GVIRF2021-02mRNA02Friede.pdf. Note that all slides from this session will be posted at the following link after the session: https://www.technet-21.org/en/topics/gvirf
Robin Shattock
‹Interested to know if BioNtech’s phase I data on saRNA will be published?
David Vaughn
Great job to keep us on time.
Lynda Stuart
Hello panelists. We have noted that there are a number of regulatory questions so we are trying to get someone to join for the panel session who is a regulator. I will insert an additional question on regulatory oversight if we manage to do that.
Melanie Saville
Thanks Lynda, sounds good
David Vaughn
Thanks to presenters for answering questions in the Q&A. I see questions for Allison, Philippe, Bob, and Robin. If someone has already started to address, you should see that notification.
Robert Seder
I don't see any questions in chat
David Vaughn
Bob, Look for Q&A. The team has answered 49 questions. 28 are currently open. Answer any that you like. Click on Type Answer to start.
Holger Kanzler
Pieter, still stay just maybe a bit under 15 min, don't force into 10 min.
David Vaughn
Peyton, could you turn off slide to better see speakers?
David Vaughn
Thank you for addressing Q&A. 8 questions remain unanswered. Take a look if interest to address. We will include in webinar documents along with slides and the video. Thanks.